Monday, January 5, 2015

Police Seargeant Gabe Lira Of Hawthorne Police Department Explains How He Makes Unlawful Retaliatory Arrests Of Innocent People

Narrative On 11/1/12 at about 0135 I (Lira, 275) conducted a traffic stop in the 11400 blk of Grevillea Ave. While conducting the stop I observed a white Ford F-150 pick-up truck stop several cars ahead of me and pull to the curb. While talking with the driver of my stop I observed the driver of the Ford (later identified as Chrystian Bautista) make a u-turn and park directly across the street from the vehicle I had stopped. Before Bautista finished parking his truck I informed him that he need to park somewhere else. Bautista informed me several times that he was waiting for the subjects I had stopped. I informed him that I knew that. For officer safety reasons I asked him to park and wait somewhere else. Bautista informed me he had done nothing wrong and could park where he pleased. I informed Bautista that I would not proceed with my stop until he left the area. After Bautista finished parking his truck (cal license he lit a cigarette and just sat there, indicating to me he was not moving. Due to the fact I felt unsafe with Bautista behind me I stood back and called for the assistance of another unit. Lt Romero arrived on scene and I advised him of the issue regarding Bautista. I them asked him if he could deal with Bautista while I handled my initial stop. My initial stop resulted in a traffic citation and an impound. While finishing up my traffic stop Lt Romero informed me that Bautista did not have a valid California driver license. Bautista had supplied Lt Romero with a State of Washington driver license. When dispatch ran the license supplied it returned with no record on file. Based on the fact I was unable to positively identify Bautista I could not issue him a citation and he was subsequently placed under arrest for driving without a license, violation CVC 12500a. The Washington driver license Bautista submitted to LT Romero was recovered and booked into evidence at the Hawthorne Police Dept by me. Report Officer 50275/LIRA, GABRIEL Printed At 04/11/2013 10:18 Page 2 of 3 CRIMEARREST REPORT Hawthorne Police De artment Narrative His vehicle was impounded per CVC 14602.6a and placed on a 30 hold. During the stop Bautista was investigated for possible DUI. Bautista was not booked for DUI because it was determined he was under the legal limit. 12-13439 Supplement No ORIG

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