Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Retarded Gardena Police Man

Absolutely amazing. Even Roberto Rosales made more then $183,000.00 in total compensation in 2013. How can the tax payers be expected to carry such a burden? Apparently we will all be slaves of tax and extortion to fund the retirement of individuals that are largely useless. I have heard a lot of complaints about this guy besides observing him act like an ass in person. Don't feel bad Rosales at least you are getting paid more in a year then you are worth in a life time.

The Chiefs House

You may or may not know I went to the Chief of Torrance PD's house about 10 pm one night to complain to him personally for being a derelict in regards to his position. You probably don't know he announced his retirement within 48 hours because as I learned that night he had been completely out of touch with his paid job instead taking care of his sick wife. Hey I understand your family member is sick you take care of them. John Neu collected more then 417K compensation in 2013 while staying at home taking care of his wife. Of course the tax payers will still be screwed paying him the same wage now that he is retired, but hopefully the new chief might come to work?

Dog Killed, People Pissed, Call Flooded

Gabe Lira, recently mentioned here on previous posts, and shown in this video, was paid more then 192,000 dollars in 2013 for making false arrests of innocent people. He does seem to make a fantastic receptionist.

Torrance Police Officer is Mistaken Bacon

Many of you have seen this video. In it Dusty Garver of the Torrance Police Department retaliates against me after I tell him to get his motor vehicle off of the sidewalk in a public park. Torrance police had been harassing and assaulting cyclists within the city for years for riding on sidewalks even when it is required for safety.

Dusty showed up in court and lied about the citations he claims in this video. If you watch, you can see I was not only on the right side of the road, but I merged with a hand signal when it was safe, then made my left turn from the center lane like Dusty did before me, and like vehicles are supposed to.

Anyway, transparent California is now reporting that Dusty Garver made 240, 745.00 total compensation for 2013. And why shouldn't he make that kind of money to write false citations and lie in court? Your tax dollars at work. Take care Dusty.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Cameraman Unlawfully Arrested - Hawthorne Police Department

More Gabe Lira of Hawthorne Police Department. Police report coming soon so you can see into the mind of a police officer who thinks nothing of arresting innocent people.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Police Seargeant Gabe Lira Of Hawthorne Police Department Explains How He Makes Unlawful Retaliatory Arrests Of Innocent People

Narrative On 11/1/12 at about 0135 I (Lira, 275) conducted a traffic stop in the 11400 blk of Grevillea Ave. While conducting the stop I observed a white Ford F-150 pick-up truck stop several cars ahead of me and pull to the curb. While talking with the driver of my stop I observed the driver of the Ford (later identified as Chrystian Bautista) make a u-turn and park directly across the street from the vehicle I had stopped. Before Bautista finished parking his truck I informed him that he need to park somewhere else. Bautista informed me several times that he was waiting for the subjects I had stopped. I informed him that I knew that. For officer safety reasons I asked him to park and wait somewhere else. Bautista informed me he had done nothing wrong and could park where he pleased. I informed Bautista that I would not proceed with my stop until he left the area. After Bautista finished parking his truck (cal license he lit a cigarette and just sat there, indicating to me he was not moving. Due to the fact I felt unsafe with Bautista behind me I stood back and called for the assistance of another unit. Lt Romero arrived on scene and I advised him of the issue regarding Bautista. I them asked him if he could deal with Bautista while I handled my initial stop. My initial stop resulted in a traffic citation and an impound. While finishing up my traffic stop Lt Romero informed me that Bautista did not have a valid California driver license. Bautista had supplied Lt Romero with a State of Washington driver license. When dispatch ran the license supplied it returned with no record on file. Based on the fact I was unable to positively identify Bautista I could not issue him a citation and he was subsequently placed under arrest for driving without a license, violation CVC 12500a. The Washington driver license Bautista submitted to LT Romero was recovered and booked into evidence at the Hawthorne Police Dept by me. Report Officer 50275/LIRA, GABRIEL Printed At 04/11/2013 10:18 Page 2 of 3 CRIMEARREST REPORT Hawthorne Police De artment Narrative His vehicle was impounded per CVC 14602.6a and placed on a 30 hold. During the stop Bautista was investigated for possible DUI. Bautista was not booked for DUI because it was determined he was under the legal limit. 12-13439 Supplement No ORIG