Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Torrance Police Officer is Mistaken Bacon

Many of you have seen this video. In it Dusty Garver of the Torrance Police Department retaliates against me after I tell him to get his motor vehicle off of the sidewalk in a public park. Torrance police had been harassing and assaulting cyclists within the city for years for riding on sidewalks even when it is required for safety.

Dusty showed up in court and lied about the citations he claims in this video. If you watch, you can see I was not only on the right side of the road, but I merged with a hand signal when it was safe, then made my left turn from the center lane like Dusty did before me, and like vehicles are supposed to.

Anyway, transparent California is now reporting that Dusty Garver made 240, 745.00 total compensation for 2013. And why shouldn't he make that kind of money to write false citations and lie in court? Your tax dollars at work. Take care Dusty.

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